Dellamori Arefu

Spirit in the Machine

Profile - WiP

Name: Dellamori Arefu

Orientation: Bisexual

Age: Appears 23

Nationality: Gridanian

Occupation: Aetheric Healer, Chirurgeon, Chef

Free Company: Big Dango

Favorite Food: Bananas

Favorite Animal: Owls

Voice/Accents: Similar to Camilla Cabello when singing, "Bam Bam"

Race: Appears Au Ra

Clan: Appears Raen

Gender: Female

Deity: Oschon, the Wanderer

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Grand Company: Unaffiliated

Favorite Drink: Green Tea - With Honey Ginseng

Favorite Color: Purple - Dark Pastel Purple

Dellamori is often quiet and shy, she will keep to herself unless she spots a friend of hers, to which she will betray that shyness and race to greet them. It takes her a bit to develop a friendship and even longer for a relationship.Dellamori often suffers from a broken heart as a result of losing her lover during the Dragonsong War. Her shyness partially stems from this as whenever she is in the presence of seeing other loved ones together, potentially send her into a fit of depression to a point of suicide in an attempt to be with her lover again, however, strange occurrences with her prevent such actions from happening.That being said, Dellamori is also capable of being as energetic as she is shy or depressed, it just takes the right people to bring it out. As strange as it sounds simply, giving her a banana is like giving her the world, if you wanna see such an energetic and happy person simply do this.

Appearance - WiP

Dellamori stands at a height of five fulms and four ilms with a healthy weight of two-hundred and five ponze. Dellamori is a heavy set Au Ra with the shape of a bottom-heavy hourglass. Adorning her body, she has scales that appear to have a sort of pearl or iridescence about them at certain angles of light, this is more noticeable during full moon light. They appear a sharper white color than average if the myriad of colors is not seen at first.Della has an odd complexion in the sense that she can be considered, perfect, too perfect that it can be suspicious to any that notice this. In contrast to her bright scales, she has very dark skin. She also has heterochromatic eyes in respect to both her parents, that being green and brown.Dellamori's hair is a striking red color, she often keeps her hair long rather than short, though that won't stop her from trying shorter styles, along with that, she rarely dyes her hair if at all, she has a natural beauty to her that, while she doesn't see in herself, she ironically doesn't bother changing with dyes, make-ups, or using a fantasia.When it comes to her fashion sense, she is very much a feminine woman, preferring to wearing skirts, and wearing any shoe that has a heel to it, preferably any heel at or above five ilms and skirts that stop right at the middle of her thighs. Though these preferences won't stop her from wearing unrelated forms of clothing, she will often wear certain tops as a dress if it is long enough. However, when it comes to her fashion, she always wears one thing at all times, a choker necklace with the House Fortemps emblem on it, given to her by her lover before his passing.Della's personality is dominantly that of shyness, though people who befriend her often find a close friend. Any attempts with romancing her are often met with awkwardness and avoidance, it is possible, but not at all easy. She is quite disciplined and at the same time, clumsy to a point that it is accidentally provocative. The way she carries herself can also be considered the same as well, though she doesn't quite catch herself acting in a provocative manner, an example would be her bending to pick up stuff of the ground instead off kneeling down, even if she is wearing a skirt, that being said, it isn't a constant.

Abilities - WiP

Dellamori is a strange person to meet, even more strange once you find out she is oddly immune to poisons, diseases, and even effects caused by alcohols and related drugs. This strange effect also stems to fantasias as well, they too have no effect on her. Dellamori just isn't any Au Ra, she is an Allagan Clone Template.Not only is she Allagan in origins, she is an especially developed construct called an "Allagan Recorder". Usually only one recorder is present for each Allagan city, such as Azys Ila, the body that Dellamori has is also heavily augmented for a recorders’ protection. As a recorder, Dellamori has a near endless collection of knowledge and is capable of adding to this as well, because of this, she is capable of traversing most Allagan locations with little interference of other Allagan constructs from automatons to doors. These augments enable the immunities mentioned above as well, however, if too many foreign substances accumulate in her, the augments will overload and cause her to essentially "pass out" until the augments are able to remove the problem.Dellamori has teleportation abilities, since recorders were very much protected, whenever they are unable to protect themselves in certain cases. In the event Della is rendered in a state of unconsciousness, an augmentation within her will cause her to teleport to the nearest Allagan city, although due to an incident onboard a merchantship bound for Limsa, Della's augment causes her to teleport to the nearest aethryte, in the event one is not found, she will instead become teleported randomly, this happens when she is in certain locations. This function can be bypassed if her sensory augments detect any allies near by that can help her.Accompanying her augments, Della posses four floating objects she simply refers to as "Blips". These Blips essentially act as a way to connect the reserves of knowledge within her memory out into the world, whether she needs to shield her allies, blast a trouble maker on the bum with a precisely aimed laser strike, or to simply transfer information onto a console or similar device.

RP Hooks - WiP

Dellamori has a couple RP hooks mentioned below that can lead to long-term RP/event sessions for anyone wanting to involve themselves in Della's life. Della's character does have lore-bending concepts to it and one comically unrealistic RP hook involving bananas. That being said, Della can be as silly or serious as the RP sessions require.

  • Still Limited: As nice as her abilities are, she is currently limited on them, in regards to her "Blips", which she currently lacks at this moment RP wise. ((Possible long-term RP plots))

  • To Move On: As much as she loves her deceased lover, considering who the individual is, intentionally never mentioned for RP friendliness to others, the most of a descriptor anyone will get is that his hair was silver / blue, you know if you know. Della is available for a relationship, though it will be difficult for anyone attempting to romance Della. ((Possible long-term RP plots))

  • Her Parents: Della's mother is deceased as a result of what she did for Dellamori, her father is alive though, to Della at this moment, both are considered missing, while her mother was an Au Ra, her father can be any race with any appearance as long as their eyes are either green or brown since Della's eyes are heterochromatic to her parents, this simply allows anyone to be her father RP wise, this gives the player their freedom to keep their preferred look. Whenever her father is mentioned, she is very vague about it as the father's appearance is whatever the RP partner looks like for this role. ((Possible long-term plots))

  • Banana Affinity: Della has an odd obsession with bananas, this stems from an accident she had on her travels to Limsa via a merchant ship, her poor augmented brain cant help but "glitch out" in excitement over bananas.

  • Minions and Mounts: Dellamori is often followed by one of several minions, the most note worthy is a special nutkin named "Chumpkins" and an automaton that she happened upon that suspiciously resembles her past lover. Some of these minions are capable of changing into larger versions of themselves to assist Della when needed, each one has a name as well!

  • Echo Effects: People with certain echo types can sense strange anomalies with Della, people with time sensitive echoes can feel that her actual age, chronologically, is 25, not 20. Past-sense echoes can provide fragments of her former life, a strong echo projection of this, is her standing in an empty field infirmary before she is deaetherized by something, survivors of Carteneau will realize that what killed her in the echo was Bahamut.

  • Fateless One: Due to her death years ago, her fate seemingly came to an end, any Astrologians and readers of fate that attempt to understand and read Dellamori will be met with empty voids and inconceivable results.

  • Scaley Scales: Della's scales are a very sharp white color in contrast to her skin, her horns and tail are also entirely unique to Au ra in general. During the day some might notice a very subtle iridescence shimmering on them, in cloudy weather the shimmer fades completly, but at night under the moon, the scales have a strong vibrancy to them. ((Mare))

Gallery - WiP

Contains pictures and written stories involving Dellamori. Mind you, I am not a professional writer so if you read any of the story bits, read them with some salt will you. The writing are not listed in order but some writings may carry on after the events of another.


This section contains a bit of information to help others understand Dellamori while out of character, eventually characters can learn some of these, others are unrelated to RP but still relate to Della in some way.

  • Dellamori's last name is pronounced as Ar-e-fu (Arr-ehh-foo).

  • Inspirations behind Della include, gen-3 synths from Fallout 4, homunculi from Full Metal Alchemist, Yolandi from CHAPPiE when she is transferred into the robot.

  • Dellamori is currently unaware that she isn't herself and that her actual self was killed during the events of Carteneau.

  • As of now, only one individual in the game is aware she isn't wholly real, that being Nielsa Redwyne.

  • Despite FFXIV's lack of different body-types, Della is plus-sized as mentioned in the "Appearance" section, Della uses the largest tail option as a reference to how reptile species, especially alligators, store much of their energy and fat in their tail, the larger the tail, healthier the lizard and Della is quite healthy!

  • Regardless of what she is wearing, it is implied that she is wearing the choker with the House Fortemps emblem on it, even if her current glamour hides necklaces, she never takes it off except to perform some form of maintenance on it.

  • Even though she isn't affiliated with any Grand Companies, members of any company that were present during the events of Carteneau may try to recognize her but are not able to fully.

  • Dellamori is also quite fond of dancing, you mostly see her doing it when she thinks she is alone, coming upon her while doing so will often make her stumble in embarrassment.

  • In regards to Della's appearance section, to get the full experience of her, I do utilize Mare.